Perfectly roasted with salt, these macadamia nuts make a high quality snack anytime.

Considered the world's finest nuts, Macadamia's are high in protein, fibre and the "good fats" (mono-unsaturates), yet contain 0% cholesterol!

This flavour is always a bestseller making it a hit with everyone! Made Banting friendly by roasting with macadamia oil - a best seller!

100g Roasted Salted
R50.00 Qty:
Especially roasted with macadamia oil. Perfect for that lunch box snack.
300g Roasted/Salted
R153.00 Qty:
Macadamia nuts are anti-inflammatory. Assists with arthritis and inflammation.
800g Roasted/Salted
R350.00 Qty:
Macs taste fantastic as well as improve your fibre and bowel health.