Can't choose? This decadent combo of our delicious dark and white chocolate coated macadamia nuts is a great way to enjoy both.

These hand dipped chocolate Mac-Nutty's are an absolute winner and make a great gift.

A real Mac-Delight!

300g Duo Mac-Nutty's
R195.00 Qty:
The perfect gift of white and dark chocolate nutty's.
300g Mac-Nutty Chocolate TRIO (*NEW PRODUCT)
R195.00 Qty:
A selection of Ebony(Dark), Ivory(White) & Velvet(Milk) chocolate coated macadamia nuts. Choose a favourite!
150g Mac-Nutty TRIO (*NEW PRODUCT)
R110.00 Qty:
Try them all and pick your favourite white, milk or dark chocolate coated macadamia nut.