Roasting macadamia's brings out its incredible natural, buttery flavour. This Dry Roast is done using NO OIL and NO SALT, thereby enhancing the rich nutty taste.

Recommended for Diabetics and those people needing to reduce their sodium/salt intake, these nuts are not only the healthier option, but absolutely delicious!

100g Chilli & Garlic
R50.00 Qty:
*NEW FLAVOUR. Hugely flavoursome. A robust blend of chilli & garlic. The healthier choice snack.
100g Dry Roasted
R50.00 Qty:
The perfect healthy snack. Roasted with no oil and no salt.
300g Chilli & Garlic
R153.00 Qty:
*NEW FLAVOUR. A robust blend of chilli & garlic. Perfect for a healthier snack choice with drinks.
300g Dry Roasted
R153.00 Qty:
delicious buttery taste. no oil or salt added
800g Dry Roasted
R350.00 Qty:
Party size in stand up zip lock pouch for sealed in freshness.